We create personalized, printed candles to compliment any special occasion or event. You can design your own candles or we will gladly assist you with the layout as well as guidance on creating the perfect candles for your special day. All of our candles come in standard white. Printing and décor in any colour and style of your choice.
We offer different sizes according to your needs. All orders supplied are made strictly to specification. It's our policy to deliver the best possible product, personalized to suit your needs and on time for your special day. We also offer the best prices on bulk orders and ensure that the quality is of the highest standard.
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We bring you awesome design, creative skills and ideas.

Marlize Osborne

Owner, Designer, Master Candle Crafter



Assistant Candle Crafter


Why Candles 4 All is the best...

  • A Flair for Design.
  • Great Prices.
  • Quality Candles.
  • Fast Response.
  • Easy Communications.

Help our clients to create the most elegant personalised candles for their event.

Creating sensationally beautiful symbols of sentiment.


Central to our process is client approval of the candle artwork, a document where you can make any changes to colours, layouts, ribbons, fonts etc.

1. You call us or email/whatsapp us your design and candle pictures you like - 10%

2. We produce the candle artwork document and send it to you for approval - 20%

3. Once approved, we start manufacture and printing of the candles- 80%

4. We call you to collect your candles or alternatively handover to your chosen courier - 100%

Payment - 50% deposit upon Artwork approval (step 2) and 50% upon collection.


We bring you an awesomeness of design, creative skills, thoughts, and ideas

100% Creative

A beautiful product, which we will help you create.

Created with dedication and passion

A beautiful product needs passion and dedication.

Gift Sets Available

Our courier partners will deliver your gifts quickly and safely.

Photo Touchups

Upon request, we can enhance photos and images to suit the candles.

Huge Font Variety

We have a wide variety of modern fonts, or you can send us your own fonts.

Beautiful Ribbon Options

We can recommend the latest trending colours, or buy to suit what you specify.

Modern Printing Techniques

A beautiful product, which we will help you create.

Latest Embellishments

A beautiful product, which we will help you create.

Candles4all - Terms and conditions

  1. Once a client has accepted a quotation or instructed us to proceed with printing of a candle or jar, the following terms and conditions shall automatically apply. Candles4All will provide one free, no obligation artwork layout and quotation for any enquiry.  Once the artwork has been approved by the client, either verbally or in writing, candle decoration will proceed and no further changes can be accepted as part of the order. Any change requests after artwork approval shall be considered as part of a new order and quoted accordingly. Candles produced as part of the original order will still be provided to the client upon payment. No new order will proceed until the original order is paid in full.
  2. Font colours - Lighter colour fonts (e.g. light grey, light yellow etc) look even lighter when printed on the white candle background. The choice of font colours is finalised by the client at the time of artwork approval. Should the client not be satisfied with their chosen font colours once the candles have been decorated, any change request shall only be considered as part of a new order and quoted accordingly. Candles produced as part of the original order will be provided to the client upon payment. No new order will proceed until the original order is paid in full.
  3. All orders greater than R500 require a 50% deposit before proceeding.
  4. Ribbon colours/sizes/shades are dependent on what local suppliers have in stock at the time of processing an order. Please ask at the time of placing your order what ribbon colours/sizes/shades are available. It is not practically possible to exactly match ribbon colours/shades to font colours due to the limited stocks that local stockist keep. The client will be advised by our designer at the time of production, what ribbon colours/sizes/shades are available and suitable and the client can make their choice based on what is in stock at the time of the order. If needs be, the client can also provide their own ribbons/décor to match their theme.
  5. Candles4all uses only the highest grade premium candles; however any candle will turn yellow in colour when exposed to direct sunlight over a brief period of time. Printed candles must not to be exposed to direct sunlight for anything longer than a few minutes as this will affect the printing/decor and also cause candles to yellow. Do not place printed candles in direct sunlight and avoid storing the candles in a hot environment e.g. car boot in direct sunlight on a hot day or a table/shelf in direct sunlight.
  6. Lighting of printed candles – printed candles look great when lit, however the length of time they can remain lit depends on the size of the candle and how it has been decorated. Candles with ribbons at the top rim can only be lit for a few minutes and should be continuously monitored. Printed candles (greater than 6cm diameter) with no ribbons/décor/ printing in the top 2cm can remain lit for longer periods of a few hours and must be appropriately monitored. Eventually the heat from the wick will start to affect the printing as it gets closer (2cm) to the printing. Candles that have been burnt to within 2cm of the printed/decor areas, thus affecting the printing/decor, cannot not be replaced under guarantee. Never leave burning candles unattended. Use a heat resistant surface to collect molten wax. Keep out of reach of children, pets and flammable material. Trim wick if needed. Candles4all will not accept any responsibility for any direct or consequential damages that occur due the use of products provided by us.
  7. Delivery services – upon completion of an order, Candles4all securely packages and boxes the order. Unless a courier service is specified by the client, the client upon accepting a quotation agrees to Candles4all's selection of a courier service on their behalf. Once Candles4all hands the packages over to a delivery/courier service, responsibility for safe and secure delivery and the tracking thereof then rests with the delivery/courier service and customer respectively. Any damages/breakages that occur during delivery, or lost parcels will need to be addressed by the client directly with the delivery/courier service. Candles4all will not accept responsibility for breakages and/or late/non-delivery of a parcel by a 3rd party delivery/courier service. Once a package has been handed over to a courier service, and the client has been provided with the tracking information, no further services shall be rendered by Candles4all in this regard i.e. we will not track your parcel for you, contact the courier yourself using the tracking information provided.

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